Igniting Creativity Within
the Heart of Private Equity

Igniting Creativity Within
the Heart of Private Equity

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Igniting Creativity Within
the Heart of Private Equity

Igniting Creativity Within
the Heart of Private Equity

We believe in the transformative power of design—design that is meaningful, lasting, and engaging. Design that communicates and creates business value.

Ajust Design is a private equity branding, design, and digital agency with nearly a decade of global expertise in the industry. We craft timeless visual identities, captivating websites, and impactful marketing collateral, all tailored to this sophisticated sector.

Through our craft, we equip our clients with tangible and intangible tools that support fundraising, strengthen investor relations, aid in deal sourcing, and fuel brand awareness. While the private equity industry may seem mundane, conservative, and rigid to most, we find great satisfaction in discovering new ways to enlighten it with creativity and distinctiveness.

Serving Private Equity

Your company is too valuable to look like every other private equity firm. By defining and enhancing your brand’s unique visual language—from logo and typography to brand colors, photography styles, website, and presentation layouts—we ensure a cohesive, aspirational, and ultimately more valuable brand presence that shines within the private equity universe.

  • Logo Design  
  • Brand Visual Identity  
  • Corporate Stationery
  • Brand Guidelines 

Elevate your communication game with slick, sophisticated marketing materials designed to make your private equity firm look like the rockstars you are. Collateral is a powerful tool to support fundraising, aid in deal sourcing, facilitate portfolio management, and fuel brand awareness. The impact is tripled when your materials are professionally crafted with precision and strategic thinking.

  • Investor Pitch Decks  
  • Fund Brochures and Reports  
  • Case Studies and White Papers  
  • ESG & Sustainability Reports

If your firm doesn’t have a website, the world assumes it doesn’t exist. Worse yet is a poorly designed website that ruins the first impression. Let’s ensure your private equity firm has the best possible online presence—one that not only incites jealousy from peers but also intelligently tells your story, highlights your track record and investment strategy, prominently features your team, and showcases your portfolio with the sophistication it deserves.

  • Website Design and Development  
  • Continuous Website Maintenance  
  • Email Marketing Design and Templates  
  • Social Media Support

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